This year has been eventful! In June I wasn’t sure if I wanted to blog anymore so I closed down Circus Mums and started this brand new blog, my namesake, You see, I realised, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to blog or write, but I’d started to feel trapped under the ‘mummy blogger’ umbrella. Fast forward a few months to the end of the year and I’m ready to set blog goals for 2021 on a whole new site.

Granted, I’ve not been able to create anywhere near as much content as I’d first planned when I created the new blog domain, but that isn’t the energy we need to walk into 2021 with is it? It’s about being kind to ourselves! There was and still is a pandemic. I was and still am working whilst trying to home school kids, learn to live my best life, pay off debts, connect with family and friends and a host of other things! These aren’t going to simply disappear come 12:01 January 1st 2021 so I need to make sure there is a lot more focus and plans in place if I’m going to get anywhere with this here new blog! This, my friends is why I’m setting blog goals for 2021.

tinuke bernard black influencers directory creator

Looking at what I achieved in 2020

  • Launched a brand new blog
  • Had over 15,000 views of my UK Black Influencers Directory
  • Over 17k impressions to my Instagram post on the UK Black Influencers Directory
  • Worked on a campaign with MAOAM
  • Worked on a campaign with AXA Health
  • Over 200,000 views of my turmeric face mask pin on Pinterest
  • Over 790,000 views of “snuggles with our blue French Bulldog pin on Pinterest
  • Black Lives Matter board featured on Pinterest
  • Launched Beyond the Grid Podcast and published first 4 episodes
  • Had a 4 figure collaboration fee

What I learned about blogging in 2020

You need a focus.

With no real goals or direction it’s much harder to blog or know what to strive for. Makes sense right? It’s pretty simple. I didn’t want to niche because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be known for and spent the past 6 months just writing about what I wanted, when I wanted. It’s what I needed at the time. It was a cathartic way to work. But it meant my audience had no idea what to expect of me or why to keep visiting. Yes, I see myself as a ‘lifestyle’ or ‘current affairs’ kind of writer, but even then, there needs to be some sort of uniformity and plan in place as to the kind of things I write about or at the very least, the frequency!

Not having any goals to work towards meant it was hard to know if what I was doing would keep me on track. Basically I had no track and was a train riding willy nilly. I didn’t do myself any favours by not sitting down and deciding what my intentions were.

beyond the grid with tinuke bernard podcast

Podcasting is hard

Actually, that’s not totally true. Recording a podcast isn’t hard. It’s easy and really fun. What was hard was the editing and self promotion afterwards. Neither are areas that I’m a natural at! It took time and loads of youtube tutorials to work out how to create an intro and how to use editing software, but I’m thankful I’ve learned not. 

You don’t need thousands of followers to get paid

Seriously. You don’t need to have tens of thousands of followers before you start making money. OK, I knew this before 2020 but this year I was reminded of it. I worked on an epic campaign and made more money in one collaboration than I had imagined possible. It did a lot for my self confidence at a time when I really needed it. There are so many ways to make money from blogging and content creating on social media. You can run ads, work with brands, sell your own digital products, sell physical products, create courses or memberships. The list goes on. You don’t need to have a following of 200,000 people before you start. You just need to be passionate and know your market.

Social media helps but isn’t everything

Social media is a fickle beast. Yes, I encourage you to use it in order to help people know who you are. It’s a brilliant way to connect, in real-time, with your peers, your audience, your fans etc. But you don’t own it. And you can get social media overwhelm. You might also find that it sucks your creativity. You start the scroll of doom, and next thing you know, you’ve scrolled for 10 minutes, lost your own creative idea because you’ve either been sucked in by the homogeneity of what you’ve seen or felt uninspired. I spoke at a wonderful residential course a year or so ago and I said it was important to create before you consume. This helps in keeping your originality and means that if you do go down the scroll of doom, at least you’ve put your content out there first!

My blog goals for 2021

Improve my pageviews to my blog. 

At the moment, my old blog, Circusmums is outperforming my new blog even though I’ve not posted to it in months. Which shows me that I really need to step up my game. Sharing useful, inspirational or insightful content. I don’t have a number in mind for views yet but let’s say 10,000 per month for argument’s sake. If you saw what the blog was hitting at the moment, you’d probably laugh but you need to shoot your shot right?

Have regular 4 digit blog income months

I’ve had these now and then over the years but with no regularity. I would love to know that my website is bringing in a sizeable and steady stream of money. I need that new car money. Mine has so much rust on it and is making the world of noises that it’s imperative I up my income. I also would love to take my family on a holiday, we’ve not been abroad since before Bob was born and she’s nearly 4. Let’s not even dream house money yet. Actually, why not? Maybe not 2021 goals, but I’d love to be on my way to it sooner rather than later. Renting’s ok but the anxiety I feel when the landlords get in touch is not the one! I need that security of the home I live in being mine, or knowing that I’ve got enough in the bank that if I had to move at short notice it legit wouldn’t bother me.   

Publish an article for a magazine

This might seem like an odd goal. But I’ve always loved writing. I even worked on a women’s magazine in my mid 20s as their online editor. This year, I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in a couple of magazines online and the year before that, in print too. But those are all me being interviewed by other journalists. I would LOVE to be the one with the byline, interviewing others. I’m talking life goals. Why not add one life goal to my blog goals for 2021? 

Guest speaking through my blog

I really love speaking about the freedom blogging can give you. Both creatively and financially. I’ve been lucky enough to speak on the radio, and in person about my love for all things digital in the past and it’s something I’ve not really done much this year. Though with my newfound love of the Clubhouse app, who knows, I might very well start creating my own stages to have digital creatives discuss and share tips… lightbulb moment! I might be able to cross this goal off the list in 2020!

Create consistent content across my blog and chosen platforms

This goal is hard for me! I put everything in front of my wants and needs. So finding time to consistently create content is something I struggle with. By the time I factor in work, preparing family meals, school runs, bedtime routines etc, I just want to curl up with a glass of rum and coke and a good book, then fall asleep. Chances are, I end up falling asleep putting my youngest daughter to bed and end up forgoing any sort of alone time, let alone time to write! But with anything, it’s about prioritising your time right?

In the same way that I make sure there’s time to make dinner or to do a supermarket shop, I need to carve out my own time to write. Let’s see how I get on with that goal. Creating consistent content is something that I’m super keen to achieve this year.

tinuke uk content creator following the beat of your own drum

Up my photography game

I love photography but haven’t really picked up a camera in over a year. Now I’ve got the urge but the lack of daylight and a house that seems to be constantly in a mess isn’t helping things! I want to shoot more content for this site, socials and to share on sites such as Unsplash. I’m always in awe at the amount of places that have used my photos which I’ve uploaded on there! My youngest is even on the front page of a bank! Nope, it’s not paid for giggs and maybe I need to rethink this, but I giving back to a site that I also tend to use quite a lot.

I would also LOVE to get some professional photographs of myself. Like have someone come in and shoot me all day, so that I have a decent stock of photos I actually like, rather than random selfies to fill these blog posts with!

Your blog goals for 2021

Have you created any goals for your 2021 content yet? What do you have on your list of things you want to achieve? Don’t forget it is totally ok if you need to change your goals as the year rolls on. It’s nothing final. But there is something magical about putting your intentions down in black and white.

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