The white washing of raw and plant based food movements would have you believing that there are no Black vegans in the UK. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Veganism, or simply living Ital has been practised by Africans and Caribbeans alike for generations.

I’m a foodie through and through and spend far too much of my time thinking about and cooking food. Food is the way my family shows love and it’s been that way for generations. I’m not vegan though I’ve been trying hard to be much more conscious about what I put in and on my body. With that in mind, I’ve been eating much more plant-based in the last few months. Luckily for me, there is a wealth of amazing vegan foodies creating Afro-Caribbean meals on Instagram to give me constant inspiration for meat-free meals.

Black Vegans on Instagram

Black Vegans on Instagram you should be following. UK Influencer and Black Blogger Tinuke recommends some of her favourite Instagram accounts

London Afro Vegan

One of my favourite Black Vegans on Instagram, Esme runs London Afro Vegan the beautiful and “perfectly imperfect” (her words on her bio not mine, I think she’s pretty perfect) Instagram account named London Afro Vegan as well as the extremely popular Vegan restaurant Deserted Cactus. Her feed is colourful and full of practical, delicious Caribbean dishes that have my mouth watering and heading to the supermarket regularly to try and emulate. I still need to take the trip into London to eat at Deserted Cactus, hopefully, before the summer is over!

Bettylicious Cooks

Currently based in Sierra Leone, Betty Vandy has been traveling throughout West Africa and sharing her story of vegan food. A passionate foodie, Betty has held pop-ups, regular food stalls in Birmingham and London and taught communities how to cook healthy, Afro-Caribbean vegan food for years.

Her feed is a beautiful marriage of recipes and stories from both the UK and more recently, her time in Sierra Leone, where she is currently residing. If you’re interested in seeing plant based cooking with a West African twist, this account is for you. Also, keep an eye out for her upcoming book!

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Today is Ghana Independence Day. I’ve stayed in Ghana for almost 4 months and I’ve fond memories of the people, the food, the places but ultimately Ghana for me is the people. I was scrolling through pictures and memories in awe of my own journey of learning, listening, sharing and exploring. Before I return to the U.K. next month I’m gonna head back into my Ghanaian culinary hotspots and visit the people and places that make me love Ghana so much! ??❤️?? Thank you @onecornergh Gifty & the kitchen team ???? @libreriagh @boakyeb @sheabuttercottage @greenbutterflygh @eyelondonopticians @sophiasoofire @akosuashirley @kofideb @republicbarghana @barrist @williamdarko48 today I celebrate you all. #Bofrot #GhanaFood #ghanaianfood #Africanfood #ghanaindependence #ghanaindependenceday #Bofrot

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UK Vegans of Colour

I love this account as it highlights so many amazing Vegan Instagrammers I would otherwise not have known. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they choose the most delicious looking images to link to either.

UK Vegans of Colour is a much needed resource both for amplifying the voices of vegan food influencers and creatives, but also for representation further afield. It’s easy to assume that the plant-based way of life isn’t common place within the Black community if you looked at the media or social media as a whole. This page is bringing people together and showing members of the public that they are not alone whether they already live plant based or are thinking about adopting a more plant based diet.

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I know for a fact your picturing just dropping those dumplings into those beans or stuffing them with the jackfruit ??? made by @thedragonhighpriestess the bosslady behind @earthskitchen_ Reposted from @thedragonhighpriestess Gratitude for the simple meals that taste so good Baked beans with onion and a lil bit black pepper Mini cornmeal fried spelt dumplings Cheesy mash Roasted & shredded Seasoned hoisin jackfruit ???????????????????????? #dragonlady #thedragonpriestess #gratitudeformyhands #plantbasedfoods #roastedjackfruit #hoisinjackfruit #plantbasedlove #italfood #madewithlove #speltdumplings #cornmealdumplings #eatrealfood #eattolive #whatveganseat #vegandinner #italisvital #italfood #plantbasedlove #madewithlove #vegansoulfood #plantbasedfoods #cheesymash ##frieddumplings #bakedbeans #veganchef #goodfood #comfortfood #ukvegansofcolour #UKVOBO

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Precious Vegan

Jade Kush aka Precious Vegan is a London based Vegan mama. Her account is equal measures vegan food porn and cute family snaps of her and her gorgeous toddler. I love the array of different foods shown on her account and appreciate that she’s a busy working mum like me so it gives me hope for my own cooking!

Livity Plant-Based Cuisine

This account gives me so much life! Livity provide Caribbean vegan Ital food to your door. Or in my case, seeing as I live so far from London, I don’t get delivery but I do get loads of ideas of what to make for dinner from their imagery, as you can too!

There is also a Livity shop where you can purchase everything from your own calabash bowls to some delicious seamoss.

London Vegan Quest

I have bookmarked so many of Rebekah-Sarah’s images from her Instagram account. Her food photography game is off the charts and it’s no surprise that she is a food photographer and stylist by trade. If she wasn’t already working in the field, her body of work on social media alone would be enough to convince the food and media industry that she is worthy.

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Junk food cravings mixed with time on my hands lead to this 100% vegan creation! #stayhome ? I've been in the mood for @haloburger for a few days now, but alas they don't currently deliver to my address, yet ??, and I can't go out and buy it like I usually would. Sooo I decided to take matters into my own hands and made this HaloBurger inspired meal. All burgers are made with @beyondmeat plant-based patties and @violife_foods cheese. ??The CheeseBurger has, Beyond Meat Patty, Violife cheese, with homemade Burger Sauce, Ketchup, and Red Onions ?TheSriracha Mayo Burger contains, Beyond Meat Patty, Violife cheese, Lettuce, Caramelized Onions, Vegan sriracha mayo ,?The Facon Burger has, Beyond Meat Patty, Violife cheese, vegan mayo, burger sauce, chopped crispy "bacon" bits, caramelised onions and lettuce. ?and The Cheesy Facon Chips have melted @violife_foods cheese, caramelised Onions, and burger sauce, and chopped crispy "bacon" bits. ?For the buns @lazycatkitchen has an amazing recipe. @mnbvegan are also phenomenal but tesco didn't have any? The Crispy "Chick'n" Strips are @icelandfoods No Chick Crispy Coated Fillets, which I cut into 6 pieces, coated in a coconut batter and then deep-fried! —– Recipe for The Crispy "Chick'n" Strips *Disclaimer* I kind of winged this, no pun intendended, anyway it came out really nice so I thought I'd share??? So you'll need 2 bowls, one with a dry mix and the other with a wet mixture. Wet mix; Coconut milk *tinned* Sriracha mayo Salt Garlic Add into a bowl and mix well Dry Mix; 1 1/2 Cups Self-RisingFlour 1 Tbsp Coconut flour(if you have it) 1 tsp salt 1 tsp cayenne 1/2 tsp pepper 1/2 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp paprika 1/2 Garlic 1 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp brown sugar Add into a bowl and mix Cooking; 1.Dunk your strip in into the dry mix, 2.Then into the wet mixture. 3.Then add a second coating of the dry mix 4.Add into the fryer, and fry until it becomes golden brown and crispy. 5.Repeat with all your strips 6.Place a paper towel to absorb some of the oil and then enjoy!!!! ??

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Vegan Nigerian

Another amazing Chef and foodie with a book I need to hurry up and add to my collection. Tomi Makanjuola is the person behind the Instagram account which inspired me to embrace more plant-based cooking. She was one of the first Black vegans I followed and it was a real light bulb moment. I realised that most of my favourite Nigerian dishes either didn’t include meat, or at the very least, didn’t need to! Spinach and Egusi with amala? Plantain in a salad? Yes please!

Tomi’s book, Plantain Cookbook is available on her website, as are plenty of free recipes and a handy guide on going vegan. I highly suggest you check out both her blog and her Instagram account.

Plantbased Bre

Breanna’s account is so colourful and I can literally smell the dishes through the screen. A lover of bowl meals, her dishes are relatable as is her tone of voice. It was super hard to decide on which image to pin to this post to represent her vegan meals as they all looked so delicious. Of course, a photo with plantain had to win. Who doesn’t enjoy plantain after all?

So there you have it, 8 Black vegans you should have in your Instagram feed. Do you have any other plant-based foodies you would recommend? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • James Hanson says:

    A collation of resources to satisfy a million foodies in this world regardless whether vegan or not. As a pescatarian; owner of Bosh and more; cook of many vegetarian dishes, these links are priceless. Many, many, many thanks. P.S. Beautifully written also.

    • Tinuke says:

      Oh James, thank you so much. I’m glad you found the post useful, there are some brilliant recipes to be found through these Instagram accounts. I’m going to have to bug you for some new recipes too xxx

  • Uju says:

    Wow this post is great. Everything looks delicious and it’s almost tempting me to go fully plant-based. Not quite, but almost haha. I’ve shared with my niece who is vegan though. If you ever do take the full plunge, you can definitely swap tips with her as she’s all about that life. Thanks for posting x

  • R says:

    I’m not a vegan but I have been more conscious of eating more plant based meals and less meat over the years. I still love a good steak though so probably won’t ever commit to not eating meat at all but I like posts like this. Good inspiration and great content.

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