One of the good things to come from what was a year should be declared a complete write off has been the emergence and growing popularity of Black Pound Day. The initiative is the creation of So Solid Crew’s Swiss in the summer of 2020. It is a practical way to help uplift the Black economy. It also helps combat the inequality produced by systemic racism in the UK in a peaceful way.

By buying from Black-owned businesses on the first Saturday of each month, you are able to speak with your purse. It’s an opportunity to make a real difference whilst also finding brands you may not have known of before.

I’ve used this day to not only buy from Black-owned brands, but to not purchase any other products where possible on that day, if they didn’t come from Black-owned businesses. That includes finding Black-owned takeaways at least once a month, not the easiest thing to do living so far out of the City! When possible, I even buy Black for my plants. It’s about making an intentional and conscious choice to decide where to spend my money at least once per month. It has, in turn, made me think more consciously about my purchases throughout the rest of the month.

Some of my recent Black Pound Day Purchases

I’ve tried to take part in every Black Pound Day since it started in June. I bought from Black businesses and have been gifted items from Black businesses too, some of which I’ve included here. I’ve not included products I know of but haven’t used myself. All products below have been tried and tested by myself and my family.

I’ve created an awesome Black Pound Day board on Pinterest which contains maybe another 100 Black-owned brands. I’ve linked to two awesome sites at the end of the blog post too. Visit to find more Black-owned businesses to support.

Earrings from Dorcas Creates

ewaoluwa earrings from Dorcas Creates

I’ve been coveting these earrings for years. At least the past three years, I kid you not. I remember being at Black Girl Fest a few years ago and coming so close to buying them. It’s not that they’re expensive, they’re not (around £25) it’s more that they were so special to me. I almost thought I wasn’t special enough to wear them. Now, I literally wear them everywhere, even on the school run!

Dorcas Creates has a range of beautiful enamel pins, prints and cards to whet your appetite too.

Mango Butter from The Mango Girl

this back pound day buy the mango girl mango butter

Now, this was sent to me to try out and I was a bit dubious. I’m probably in the minority but I don’t actually like mangoes! So the idea of walking around smelling of them didn’t appeal. Needless to say I was wrong! This is the most divine smelling hair and body cream ever! I use it top to toe on my preschooler and she goes to nursery all shiny-faced and luxuriously moisturised. My kids both have excema so I have to be careful what products I use on the. The mango butter is made of all natural ingredients, is incredibly thick. A little goes a long way and I’ve noticed a reduction in flare-ups since they’ve been using it.

There are a range of different scents to choose from for their butters and there is a new haircare line too!

Prints from Hey is That Me

I love that this is a whole family business! I bought two prints from the Hey is That Me shop recently and they have taken pride of place in my office. The prints were designed by Chioma’s super talented 12-year-old daughter. Both daughters model for the shop and Chioma’s husband takes the marvelous photographs. It’s a true family affair and I am so here for it.

Bringing up Race – By Uju Asika

bringing up race by Uju Asika

I love this book. It moved me. Like on multiple occasions I just had to put the book down and sit in my feelings. Writer and blogger, Uju Asika is a Londoner hailing from Nigeria. Her book discusses how she speaks on race with her own two boys, how others (including me!) have dealt with race and racism and also gives plenty of very useful and valid advice on what we can do to bring up level headed, kind children in what is a prejudiced world. Regardless of your race, this book is a must read. Buy two and gift one on this Black Pound Day. It would make a great stocking filler too.

Dresses from Grass Fields

I’ve bought dresses and kimonos from Grass Fields. As we type, I have a good 6/7 products en route to me to add to my growing collection. Everything I’ve bought so far has been so vibrant, so well made and has made me feel special and seen when wearing it. Grass Fields is run by twin sisters based in the UK and their clothes are made in West Africa.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason when it comes to delivery times. I’ve had dresses arrive two days after ordering, and others take weeks, to the point that I’ve wondered if I had indeed ordered what I thought I had. Fair warning to order way in advance if you’re buying for a particular event! I think this could be down to problems in the supply chain due to COVID so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, particularly as I’ve loved everything I’ve bought from there so far.

Kromanti Rum

taster bottle of Kromanti Rum

Boi. So I love rum. It is ingrained in my very being. It brings back memories of being in Dominica as a child and a teen. I didn’t get to drink it then, but I was always around it. There were bottles of rum being infused with cinnamon and all wonders of herbs. I think that’s one of the reasons Kromanti Rum speaks to me. There is a limited run just in time for Christmas of this beautifully infused Caribbean Rum and I recommend you get your hands on one before they sell out.

Where to buy more Black owned products on Black Pound Day

I’m not going to try and give you an exhaustive list of places to buy from on #BlackPoundDay as I’d recommend you trying out some of my favourites such as Jamii the membership site, which gives you discounts off a huge range of brands. Another favourite is The Cornrow which also has a brilliant range of home and lifestyle brands and their own line of products. I’m legit obsessed with their Aisha and Sade busts which form part of their Oshun Energy line

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