Today, I have a special guest post from Maria, editor of The Tiger Tales. I’ve been following the journey of Maria, her husband and two children from before her youngest was even born! It’s a pleasure to give you a sneak peek into how she and her family celebrate Christmas and what their Christmas Day traditions look like. I hope you enjoy the read and be sure to check out Maria’s blog.

black content creator and blogger Maria Tumolo

They say Christmas is for children; now that I’m a parent I know why. It’s through their eyes we see the magic and wonder of the season. My first Christmas as a mum was a big affair. Hubby and I dressed-up our baby boy in fancy dress as Santa. He had family visiting from overseas and of course everyone wanted to hold the baby. We all had a merry time. As the years passed our Christmas celebrations got smaller and now it’s just Hubby, our two children and me. Nonetheless, Christmas has not lost its sparkle because of our children and their excitement. The past four years we have spent the season in the countryside. This year due to the tier system set in place to manage Covid-19 we’ll stay at home. Still, I’m super excited. It’s four simple things that makes our Christmas bright.

Find out about Maria’s Christmas Day traditions

Christmas traditions with Maria Tumolo

The perfect ambiance

What’s Christmas without the lights?! As they daylight hours grow shorter in winter, Christmas lights deliver the joy factor. I can remember driving around with my family, when I was a child, to see the Christmas lights on the bigger houses. The elaborate designs displayed on houses, in gardens as well as in town centres was so much fun. Now with our kids, when we went on our country retreat at Christmas, it’s the fireplace that brought us together. It’s an ‘event’ for them to see the first fire. Then we would cuddle up and watch our favourite shows on tele as the fire crackled on.

In our own home this year, in absence of a working fireplace we have festive fragranced candles. Candles set a cosy relaxed tone and SMELL is divine. We’ve also decorated this year and added few small accents to give a country vibe.

Our favourite Food for Christmas Day

In my family, we all love our food but we have slightly different tastes. At Christmas, we have a bit of everything we love. It’s a Trini-Brit foodie affair. There’s sorrel drink on-tap, macaroni pie (sometimes stew peas) and stew chicken depending on what the mean meat is on the given year. One year we had pheasant and quail. Although they were cooked well, something about their size and how they looked put us off for good but the macaroni pie and callaloo made up for that misadventure. 

One thing is certain, as far as Christmas Day traditions go food-wise, the menu always includes pigs in blankets, stuffing, roast potatoes and a decadent pudding. 

Christmas traditions the tiger tales blog Maria Tumulo and family

Board games at Christmas

We first got into board games while on staycation. The cottages we stayed in always had a selection of board games. Monopoly is a crowd pleaser. Now at Christmas, board games are a must. We are competitive and go all out, so when the kids win they are proud because it’s a real win. 

Board games are an equalizer. There’s no mum, dad, son or daughter. We are all players. It teaches the kids strategy and we have fun. I recently spotted Bop It and 5 Second Rule in the shop, I’m going to treat us to them this year.

valentina on Christmas Day

Christmas walks

Though we relish our hibernation, a walk in the fresh air is just to ticket after a big meal. Walking also allows us to explore our locality. It’s the same as with the board games, walking is a conversation starter. First we chat about what’s happening, what we are seeing and then it springboards into things one of us would like to discuss. On a personal level, being out in nature grounds and comforts me.

If Covid has taught us anything this year, it’s that we need to pause and enjoy the simple things in life. Whether you are able to meet with your family or not this Christmas making the everyday extraordinary will help to keep your spirits up. 

From me and mine to you and yours, have a happy Christmas!

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