It’s hard to find somewhere to eat that will satisfy not only me but a 13-year-old and a wriggly 4-year-old too. I’m happy to say that on our recent venture into Cambridge, we found such a restaurant in Kineya Mugimaru. If you’re planning a trip to Cambridge with kids or without, I hope this Kineya Mugimaru review will prove useful in choosing a spot to eat.

I worked in Cambridge for a little under a year so I felt I was pretty in the know when it came to all the quick bites to eat in Cambridge. Kineya Mugimaru is a relatively new addition to the town center, so we were instantly intrigued and once we popped our heads inside, we knew we had to stay and try out the Japanese restaurant.

Young black girl eating Japanese food

The restaurant’s main sell is their freshly prepared udon noodles, served in a variety of traditional ways. The menu is very simple yet not underwhelming. You can also choose rice dishes, which I did, and a selection of tempura sides, of which there are around ten to choose from.

As far as prices go, you’re looking at around £7 – £10 for a main and £2 for the tempura sides. As with most restaurants, the drinks are pretty expensive and end up adding a considerable amount to your bill, but that’s nothing new.

young preschooler eating a bowl of yakisoba

There’s a canteen feel to the environment. You order your main meals a the entrance via a touch screen pad then pick up your tray, making your way towards the till and pick up area via the tempura station. We all enjoyed the open plan kitchen being in front of us as it allowed us to watch the noodles being made as well as the tempura being freshly fried and added to the stations in front of us. Obviously, we grabbed a selection of the freshly made goodies, including squid, pumpkin and fried chicken.

Everything we ordered was prepared freshly, within the time it took to walk down the aisle to the payment area. The food was delicious and the portion sized much larger than we’d anticipated. That’s not a bad thing at all. We were in need of a filling lunch. Only, had we realised, we may have chosen less tempura sides. Everything tasted delicious and the restaurant left an overall good impression on us. We’ll definitely be coming back when we’re next in Cambridge.

Kineya Mugimaru bowl of chicken katsu curry

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