Like within a blink of an eye we are in the second quarter of the year. Just like that, it’s Spring already. At least, we’ve had the false spring that green fingered folk always warn about. You know the one. That fools you every year and has you rushing to the garden centre to de-winter your garden. Only for it to freeze back over before you’ve had time to get the strimmer out to sharpen those edges.

No? I can’t be the only one, surely?

I ran off to Homebase during my lunch break and parted with hundreds of pounds I’d had no real intention of spending. Only for half of the products to be sat on the side of the garden wall, waiting for me to properly Google search what to do with them.

Anyway, don’t worry. This isn’t going to be a post solely about my back garden. Though maybe I’ll share some of what I’m planning on doing with the outdoor space in a later post. Nope. It’s worse! This is one of those cliched “sorry I’ve been gone so long” posts that bloggers do when in reality nobody really cared enough to notice we haven’t been writing or creating anything.

I’ve been struggling a lot about what to write and what to share on my socials. Mostly because there’s a lot going on in my personal life that I don’t feel I have the headspace or perhaps even the right to share. Then to talk about anything else felt disingenuous and meaningless. Who cares what meals I’ve been making or what my opinion is on the current state of Influencers in the UK if my own world feels like it’s falling apart? Dramatic and self-indulgent or what? I know. But I’m past that now.

So with that, I guess this is more of a personal line in the sand to say I’m back. Because this online world has had my back through so much over this past decade (yes, I’ve been blogging for about 12 years, but you have to check out to see the bulk of my oversharing) and in some ways, the online relationships made through blogging and social media have been such a blessing that I’ve missed being a part of them.

With the weather set to warm up, my mood has too. I’m slowly trying to become more organised in the hope that I’ll be a fully fledged, recognisable adult in time for summer and some serious socialising!

As I said, no real point to this post. In a way, that’s the point. It’s a ‘felt cute might delete this later’ kind of vibe. Trying to remind myself that as much as you should have a purpose for what you write (ie, does it inform, entertain or provoke an emotion?) sometimes the purpose is personal and the very act of stroking the keys can be purpose enough. I’m reading this back to myself and thinking it made much more sense in my head than on the page, but hopefully, at least one of you will find this sits well with you.

So hello Spring. Hello YOU.

I look forward to speaking much more with you in the coming months!

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